Jeremy Reagan
Software Engineer

(479) 459-2046

Application Engineer III - Golden Living
2009 - Current in Fort Smith, AR

As you can see from the ridiculously exhaustive list of skills used below, you'll see how many different hats I wore in my tenure at Golden Living. It would be impossible to sum up in a few sentences all the most notable projects I've worked on in my many years at Golden Living.
It may be easier to simply state my many different job functions:
  • Amalga ETL Developer (Which included SQL Server DBA work)
  • Bridgegate ETL Developer and Administrator (Which included MySQL DBA work)
  • Subversion Administrator
  • Jira/Bitbucket/Git Administrator
  • Special Projects Developer (Where I built more web and desktop based applications than you can shake a stick at!)
If you want/need more details than this, I'll have a running list of major projects on my projects page.
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