Jeremy Reagan
Software Engineer

(479) 459-2046

System Administrator - First Track Information Services
2005 - 2007 in Bella Vista, AR

First Track was where I first discovered my affinity for technology. First Track was a small company, and our only IT person had been let go due to work ethic issues. The owner paid me to learn all I could to keep the company afloat from a technological perspective. I was the only administrator and my job was to manage our two small servers, our SQL Server 2000 backend, our company web-site, and make sure our network and all it's moving parts were working at all times. I administered Active Directory, our Exchange Server, and everything else we needed. Sadly my administration skills have rusted beyond repair, but I took my first flying leaps into programming while working here.
Besides completely rebuilding our company web-site, which served as our customer portal and ordering system, I also built several utility programs in C# to help facilitate our business needs, including; a front end application to manage inbound and outbound orders, and an inventory system to keep track of our FEMA flood plain maps.
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